Saturday, February 16, 2008

Body & Soul

I recently had the opportunity to write for a new publication, Coastal Antiques & Art. My first assignment was to interview an artist (duh) about his process and body of work.

Before I could accept I had to come clean to the Editor -- telling her that I hated Art History class and really didn't consider myself an art connoissuer. I didn't tell her that up until a few years ago "art" in my house consisted of prints I bought at Michael's and framed myself -- we are doing much better now, thanks.

Lucky for me she liked my writing style (so now there are three people who do) and gave me the assignment anyway.

I had the great pleasure of interviewing painter Bruce Knecht. He got the same confession as my Editor and he was still game. Here is how it all turned out in the February issue of Coastal Antiques & Art. Click the link below and enjoy!