Monday, June 25, 2007

Our Conundrum

So, that is the name we are considering for our new vessel. Yes, you read correctly. I let Joe buy a boat. I mean... Guess what? We bought a boat!

Here is how it went down. Just prior to Memorial Day, Joe and I went out with our friends Paul and Carla on their new boat one Sunday afternoon. We headed to the "Redneck Riviera" (our local sandbar that appears in the May River at low tide) and had a blast. Paul put his persuasive powers into action and 4 Coronas later I was agreeing to buy a boat.

Of course, I didn't really think Joe would run out and do it, but alas he did. He called me at work on Monday to "say hi" and "oh by the way, I have some paperwork for you to sign."

Five days later my heart was beating a mile a minute as we tried to get our boat on the trailer (sans anyone with experience) at the boat landing. Now, we are old pros. I mean once you hit the dock the first time, the next few times don't really seem so bad.

The only thing we have yet to do is name our new vessel. We have a few options ...

"Irish Wake" - either you get it or you don't, if you don't we don't want to be your friend anyway.
"Latis" - the Celtic Goddess of Water & Beer

Any of these, because we can't think of anything better -
“On the Rocks”
“Fish n’ Chicks”
“Southern Belle”
“Southern Comfort”
“Northern Exposure”

So, that leads us to "Conundrum" -- get out your dictionary folks, it means a dilemma, which we seem to be in.

When we mentioned that name to the women who is to do the lettering for the boat, she said, "the Coast Guard may get confused if you ever have to make a distress call over the radio - they might think you said 'Condom'."

Seriously, this is what we are dealing with ... if we say Conundrum and the Coast Guard hears Condom, chances are they will never find us anyway.

So, we are still open for suggestions -- the more the merrier.